• category Object
  • Region Narimanov
  • Area (m²) 90.0
  • Number of rooms None
  • Kupça have
  • Id 151
  • Price 250000 AZN


Narimanov district, Ziya Bunyadov avenue...!!!

Long-term rental agreement. Aylin's income - 1,200 zlotys

An object with a total area of 90 m2 on Ziya Bunyadov Avenue is for urgent sale. Various types

suitable for intended uses. The object is on the side of the road, with heavy traffic

located in a convenient place. In addition, it has its own warehouse. There are two main entrances to the facility

(from the yard and from the side of the road), and there is a garden area in the yard.

Property Deed - Extract (Continued Residence)

Selling Price - 250,000 Azn

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