About us

"NPG" LLC (Real Estate Company) - was established in 2021 by a professional team in the field.
COMPANY - In the competitive real estate market, taking into account a number of gaps, prioritizing customer interests and satisfaction, with the aim of protecting the interests and rights of buyers and sellers at a high level, it acts with the motto of quality and fair service. In addition to offering a high-level and professional service in the direction of evaluating relevant offers in accordance with the demand in the real estate market, it also carries out proper evaluation, advertising-marketing, buying and selling, and documentation work at a high level, with an honest and quality work principle.
In addition to improving and developing the quality of the company's service areas, the company has set itself the main goal of developing in line with the global real estate market.
As a team, we pay a high level of attention to each of our clients, we provide the necessary assistance in (sellers) selling their property at the right time, at the real market price, and (buyers) in correctly evaluating the amount they want to invest in the property. 
(For Sellers) - Selling your property at real market price in a short period of time in a comfortable way.
(For buyers) - It is the most convenient way to find the property that suits your budget and desire, in a short period of time.
OUR FIELD OF ACTIVITY: Residential and Non-residential buildings, industrial, medical, educational properties.
OUR MISSION: To provide professional and quality service, representing the realtor activity at a high level.
OUR VISION: To be the leading company of the future, developing according to the international real estate market, leading the sector.
OUR VALUES: Trust, reliability, transparency, trust, customer satisfaction, honesty, quality, justice.
OUR SLOGAN: "NPG" - Your Reliable Real Estate Partner ..!!!

YOUR PROPERTY - Do you want to sell your property for a short time, comfortably, at a real market price or buy a property according to your budget and desire?
Contact us - Let us provide you with the necessary support and assistance with our professional team and comprehensive marketing strategy.