• category New building
  • Region Nasimi
  • Area (m²) 153.0
  • Number of rooms 3
  • Kupça have
  • Id 234
  • Price 760000 AZN

Gulustan Residence, Premium Residential Building!
3 Rooms, 153 Kv\m, Luxury renovation, Furnished and Spacious apartment!

May 28, next to H. Aliyev Palace, Bul - Bul Avenue, Premium building, 153 sq.m. Luxury (neoclassical) renovated and

Furnished 3-room apartment is offered. The Gülüstan Residence Premium Residential building is one of the few residential

buildings that differ both in terms of its architectural appearance and construction quality.

The proposed Apartment is an affordable offer for Buyers who want to own an apartment in a premium building in the city center,

at a reasonable price, with a tasteful Design (equipped with quality Furniture and Equipment according to the design) and quality


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