• category New building
  • Region Khatai
  • Metro khatai
  • Area (m²) 120.0
  • Number of rooms 3
  • Floor: 20
  • Kupça no
  • Id 379
  • Price 350000 AZN
White city " CAPITAL PLAZA " Residential Building
Mehdi Mehdizade Street, next to Khatai Metro!!!
----------------------------------------------------- --------------
120 Kv/m, 3 Rooms, Unrenovated. It is bright and has a beautiful panoramic view of the city!
----------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
Mehdi Mehdizade Izzet Orujov, located in CAPITAL PLAZA, a perfect residential complex, is located at the intersection of Sabit Orujov streets. 5 minutes walk to "Shah Ismayil Khatai" metro station. Seaside Boulevard is nearby. The project of the New Apartment is very well designed, spacious and bright, the ceiling height is 3.60 meters. 1 guest, 2 beds, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 balcony available. A beautiful view of the city opens from the windows of every room. The block has 3 Otis brand elevators and a 3-story garage. Gas is supplied to the complex, and there are generators for elevators. The extract from the register (kupchaya) is provided with 24/7 surveillance and security, which will be issued for several months. Quality materials were used during construction. The building was built according to all kinds of high living standards for the safety and comfortable living of the residents. The building has a playground, a sports field, a recreation area, a fitness center, an indoor pool, a SPA center, and dry cleaning. Due to its location, it is close to many catering facilities and infrastructure. Near Parks, Gardens, School, Araz Market, Additional Yard Parking, etc.

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